The Team

Lean on the tech experts who know everything about marketing a business online

At Sharon Benson Team, we believe in working with amazing people, and that includes our clients and our team. We have a group of passionate, hardworking team members from all over the U.S. and Canada that are working hard on your websites, and other projects. Come meet them!

Infusionsoft Certified Partner and Owner — Sharon Benson

Sharon Benson is a self-proclaimed online marketing junkie and “tech skills” addict. Over the years, Sharon has trained herself to take the path of least resistance. If there’s a better, faster way to do something, she probably already knows about it. She has developed a reputation for being efficient and resourceful. She’s been able to work with some of the top 6- and 7-figure business coaches in the industry, including Ali Brown, Kevin Thompson, Fabienne Fredrickson, and Christine Kane. These people dread wasting time and money – and they pay Sharon top dollar because they know she doesn’t mess around. Sharon is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and Certified Online Business Manager. She lives in Reno, Nevada with three wonderful grown children and her new husband.

Project Manager – Merri

Merri is our amazing project manager and master delegator!

Bio: In addition to helping keep projects on track, Merri helps speakers, coaches, trainers, consultants and creatives with their words, images and social engagement so they can shine on- and offline, and connect with their audience. Merri’s happy place is out in nature, exploring ghost towns, spotting wildlife and anywhere she can snap some pictures to add to her photography portfolio.

All Around Expert — Megan

Megan specializes in WordPress, social media and more!

Bio: Megan is a wife to an amazing husband, a mom to 2 crazy boys, and has a fluffy doofus of a Husky named Anoush.

Megan has always wanted her own business and always wanted to work in web design. Megan feels blessed to have been able to take her passion and turn it into an income.

Infusionsoft and Implementation Expert — Courtney

Courtney is an expert in Infusionsoft and has experience in many other platforms.

Bio: Courtney has her bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship and Information Systems. She experience in corporate event management, WordPress and Infusionsoft. She enjoys working hands-on with clients to help with task management and organization within their businesses. Courtney strives on organization and tends to organize things and systems in her free time as well. She has been working virtually for 2 years now. When she isn’t working Courtney likes to hang out with her husband, daughter and German Shepherd. She also likes to cook and travel.

Infusionsoft Expert and Storyteller — Jeanette

Jeanette used to work for Infusionsoft and has experience in WordPress and other platforms. She is also one heck of a writer.

Bio: Jeanette spent most of her life working very hard to be a good girl. One day she woke up and decided to write her way out of her own life, things haven’t been the same since. Single mama to two ridiculously unruly daughters, Jeanette believes in the smooth honey burn of whiskey, the crashing of mama ocean, pencil skirts, vintage band tees and fringed boots, the kinship of the wild wolf, walking for miles in unfamiliar cities, the power of dark red lipstick and the necessity of putting out for the muse on the regular. Oh yes, and that sometimes our stories are the only things that can save us.

WordPress Expert — Jodie

Jodie is our go-to person when we have any WordPress needs. She specializes in creating websites, editing websites, website security and more.

Bio: Jodie is the team techie. She knows all the systems and tools to make your business look great and function smoothly (and automatically) online.

Her greatest areas of expertise are in web design with a marketing eye and how to best integrate all the various email marketing, shopping cart and other systems with your website so it all flows together beautifully and effectively.

Virtual Assistants — Joanne and Kathrine

They recently joined the team and are assisting clients in research and other admin projects.

Joanne’s bio: Joanne became a VA 2 years ago after working more than 20 years in healthcare administration. She enjoys a love of learning especially anything tech related. She has learned how to be very resourceful over the years and if doesn’t know how to do something, she takes the steps needed to learn. Joanne specializes in CRM management, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. Due to her love of learning she has also taken training and gained some experience in WordPress and Infusionsoft.