How We Work

What can you expect from Sharon Benson Team?

Sharon Benson Team specializes in working with motivated entrepreneurs. Our clients understand the value of having an effective online marketing automation plan but don’t necessarily want to manage or hire support professionals.

A good example of our ideal client would be a solopreneur who has a website and isn’t building her list like she wants. She wants to make more passive revenue, and market her services online. She wants to offer information products, teleseminars, live events, mastermind groups and more but isn’t sure where to start. She knows she is supposed to have a Facebook Fan page and a Twitter, but hasn’t got them fully operational the way they should be.

This is where Sharon Benson Team steps in:

  • Start your work with Sharon, your Marketing Automation Expert, to develop a marketing implementation plan that fits your budget and timeline.  The most common deliverable here is a 30-90 day marketing implementation plan.
  • Once your plan is developed, or perhaps you already have a plan, the team will get started to make it happen!

We work together in order of priorities. Each step in your plan will be defined in detail with clear implementation steps.

If you have an online business, then you need our help. We focus on lead generation techniques that will get visitors to your site and customers to your products. Utilizing expert marketing automation techniques we will assist you in developing deeper customer relationships and increased customer leads.

Retainers Packages or Project Needs

Sharon Benson Team prides itself on gaining a detailed understanding of your business and then providing expert support.  Because of this we seek to develop on-going retainer based clients.  We see our Team as a integral part of your business.

We also provide project based support. You may already have a VA or support staff but are undertaking a new project that requires expertise beyond your current team.  Contact us to discuss your project.  Schedule a call with Sharon!

How We Get Started

After you complete our potential client questionnaire, we will contact you to set up a call with Sharon Benson. Once we decide it’s a good fit and we will be working together, we will pair you up with your project manager and team of VAs. Each client is assigned a project manager to ensure all tasks are carried out according to agreed-upon timelines.

It’s essential that the marketing plan allows for appropriate lead times in order for the team (and you) to be ahead of the game in order to avoid any last-minute complications and delays.

Please note: Although we work as fast and efficiently as possible, we cannot guarantee last-minute turn-around on some tasks, especially if they are substantial tasks that affect a product or service launch that is already at the final stages of completion. Any tasks requiring 3 hours or less turnaround will be charged at 1 ½ the rate we discussed.