We LOVE to help our clients make money and one of the easiest ways to do it is to have an affiliate program. This unpaid sales force can be a powerful tool! We specialize in setting up your affiliate program so that your affiliates have all the tools necessary to effectively promote your programs, products and services. Then we offer maintenance so your affiliates stay connected and continue promoting you!

We offer the following affiliate services:

Affiliate Program Setup

This package will ensure that you are using all the amazing tools in your affiliate program. If your program isn’t setup or not up to my standards, we fix that! We also set up a continuous stream of connection with your affiliates by establishing a monthly newsletter, videos, marketing materials, handouts and more for them to use.

Affiliate Program Maintenance

This takes your affiliate program to the next level by providing consistent support to the affiliates, connecting on a monthly basis, providing customer service, finding new affiliates, promoting new programs, events and services, and more.

BONUS: If you are on our affiliate program maintenance, you get free launch strategy calls with Sharon. Have a new product, event or service you are launching? Sharon will help you devise your launch plan so that everything runs smoothly and nothing is forgotten!

Connect with us today to have an exploratory call to determine how we can help you!